Sacred Spaces


When our Sisterhood hosts Sacred Space we ensure to provide an authentic, genuine, strong, and safe container for all to have the freedom to be vulnerable. In a conscious festival setting, we do invite our honorable brothers to learn about the sacredness, history, health, importance, and potency of a woman’s monthly womb shed. We specialize in hosting WOMBen circles, a diverse range of workshops, serving healing tea, intuitive readings, sound baths, smudging, anointing, and more extensive ritual practices.


“When the women give their blood back to the earth, men will come home from war and earth shall find peace.”


♥ Womb Wisdom –

Our Womb is the foundation of Woman. Primordial, rich soil of original love, strength, and space. Through connecting with our womb space we connect to the magnificence of being a woman, we bridge the worlds of spirit and matter, and bring new life into this world. For sisters who aren’t able to give physical birth, the womb offers ancestral healing and a deeper connection to self love and a service to children lacking positive love.

♥ Feminine HERstory-

It was once known by all that when women bleed, it is a sacred and powerful time for her. The men honored our bleeding by caring for the children & preparing the meals. They held a safe container for us, while we dove into the potency of our womb wisdom. It was believed that when women bled, we were more psychically attuned to the Universe and that we could receive downloads of potent information. During our shed, we spent extra time in meditation, ceremony and creative expression in order to integrate the information coming through. We also spent extra time sleeping, resting, massaging each other, and practicing self-care.

♥ Sisterhood Health-

Through connecting in a safe, closed container we allow ourselves to open up. We drop the walls we have built throughout our life and we let wounds surface that need healing, we let personal triumphs be heard and empowered, we let ourselves talk without a filter to be authentically heard. By holding so much of our emotions and experiences inside, they may manifest into sickness or even dis-ease. Our container and other sisterhood circles around the world allow women to move these traumas and clear their bodies of stagnant energies and emotions so we can move on with optimum mental and physical health.