PrayerFormance Art


Remembering HERstory by channeling divine feminine wisdom through archetypal embodiment and ritual dance offerings. Facilitating dance ceremony through inspirational and intentional movement. Muses. Medicine WOMBen.


Sisters Jenna(water), Natalie(fire), Serene(earth), & Ashes(air).

performing with Everyman/Pumpkin Tribute at Serenity Gathering 2018 in California.

Intention: Elemental Invocation in honor of Pumpkin’s spirit.

Sisters Nikki(salt), Amanda(sulfur), Ashes(mercury), Donya(silver), Serene(gold), & IxChel(copper).

performing with Living Light at Serenity Gathering 2018 in California.

Intention: Alchemical Invocation of the elements and metals used to make magic!

Sisters IxChel(fire oracle), Donya(water oracle), Nikki(ether oracle), Maa’Kensie(alice), Andia(air oracle), & Noelle(earth oracle).

performing our own 30min. stage show at Lucidity Festival 2018 in Santa Barbara,CA.

Intention: Step into our living story book as we go on a journey through Oracle Land! We’ll follow Alice as she steps onto the Priestess Path to learn about the Western Elemental realms and the Oracles that rule them.

Sisters Donya(lucidity), Natalie(rebirth), Jenna(hypnotist), Noelle(shyla), Ashes(destruction), & Serene(dream).

performing for iff at Last Exit Live in Phoenix, AZ.

Intention: Our very first and very own archetypal story developed around the evolution of consciousness. The story of Shyla. She begins her distressed journey combative with her Companion. She then searches for a Healing Hypnotist, who puts her in a trance to meet her ultimate Ego’s Destruction. While in her trance she also discovers Dream and Lucidity who ultimately lead her to Rebirth!!


Sisters Amanda Carson (generosity)  & Nikki Nerida (patience).

performing for Random Rab at Gem & Jam Festival 2018 Tuscon, AZ.

Intention: Paying tribute to the six Paramitas or ‘Transcendent Perfections’
1. Patience (Ksanti): the ability not to be perturbed by anything.
2. Morality (Sila): refraining from harm.
3. Diligence (Virya): to find joy in what is virtuous, positive or wholesome.
4. Generosity (Dana): to cultivate the attitude of generosity.
5. Meditative concentration (Dhyana): not to be distracted.
6. Wisdom (Prajna): the perfect discrimination of phenomena, all knowable things.



Sisters Serene (Dove), Faviola (Phoenix), Ashes (Peacock), Amanda (Hummingbird) , Natalie (Sparrow), Donya (Owl), Noell (Cardinal)

performing for E-Alo at Gem & Jam Festival 2018 Tuscon, Az.

Intention: Honoring our Bird Totems inspired by the Thunderbirds of Native American Mythos. We dance in deep reverence of the wisdom our feathered guardians bring to us from the heavens.



Sisters Ashes, Serene, Nikki, Faviola & collaborative sister Jessica.

performing for Random Rab at Cresent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ.

Intention: Tarot Suit Evocation we dive into to the divine guidance of Pentacles, Swords, Wands, & Cups.


Sisters Ashes (Sahara) & Faviola (Mohave).

Performing to Drumspyder at the Oregon Eclipse 2017 in Oregon.

Intention: Embodying the Sahara and Mojave Deserts in our Hero(ine)’s Journey of the outer landscapes matching our inner ones. In the Deserts we find our Call to Adventure! The voice you hear or pull you feel to embark on a spiritual quest!

Sisters Lynnsey, IxChel, Serene, Faviola, Samantha, and Ashes during the filming of “Return To Roots ” a film we entered into to the The Just Be Love Project’s film festival with Nahko & Medicine for the People’s song: Great Spirit

Intention: Raise social and environmental issues awareness through activism, dance, prayer and art.