The Sisterhood

Auric Medicine is a sisterhood in devotion to healing the collective Auric field through diverse dance styles, ceremonial story telling and cleansing ritual offerings. We are a full coven at 14 uniquely talented creators and intelligent healers. We excel in the fire flow arts, as well as incredible improv group/solo offerings alongside Musicians. We specialize in telling stories through Archetypal and Elemental wisdom with intentional, ritual group invocations (a 30min Prayerformance set in between Musicians’ sets). In our healing spaces we create a comfortable, safe environment for all to learn, receive and meditated in. It gives us great joy to host workshops sharing our extensive wisdom on Womb Wealth & Wisdom, Reiki, Sound Healing, Yoga, Dance, Nutrition, and so much more! We also serve tea and intuitive readings between workshops!

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Amanda Carson – OR

“Amanda is a lover of dance, yoga, gardening and adventure who believes that movement can truly be medicine. She has found through her practice of intentional dance that life and it’s experiences have taken on more meaning. She is truly grateful for this human experience and the opportunity to share it with you, and her sisters of the Auric Medicine Sisterhood. *Hummingbird kisses!*


Andia Katz – CA

Andia Katz is a healer, magic maker and movement artist based in San Diego, CA. She believes that movement is medicine and through movement we can heal. She shares this wisdom through yoga flow, all forms of dance, flow arts and fire spinning. She also aims to heal the collective through her practice as a Reiki Master, sharing knowledge, love and support through her blog Natural Anxiety Support and offering Prayformance art and holding sacred space for the divine feminine with her SiStars of Auric Medicine.

Ashes – AZ

From the flames of the fire, Ashes burns with unconditional love and intention. Movement, creativity and connection nourish her energetic soul and allow for her truest forms of vulnerability to be expressed. She is called to ignite and inspire the passion that lives within each and every one of us, fueling her desire to leave this universe better than the way she found it. She truly believes that from walking through her own fire she can inspire others to walk through theirs.


Donya Love – CO



Faviola Alethia – AZ

Bearing the grace of the Phoenix, Faviola continuously lets aspects of herself that no longer serve her “die”, and with a refined heart she rises up from the ashes to her true self. She is a practitioner of several healing art modalities and continues to expand her awareness to be an active healer in her community. As a healer she uses reiki, hypnotherapy, life coaching and yoga to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Movement is another way she taps into spirit and enjoys using reiki during prayerformances to bring a healing movement.


Lotus Nectar – CO

Gabrielle, also known as Lotus Nectar, is a lover of authentic expression. By dancing, hooping, laughing and sitting in circle, she connects to a deep sense of belonging. She is a practitioner in the priestess arts and facilitates Red Tent healing spaces for womben, to awaken the divinity within. Her mission is to un-clutter the soul to allow pure expression through.



Julie Castillo – CA

Nikki Greer – AZ



Nikki Nerida – CA

Through offering her personal vessel as a source of art form, Nikki Nerida dives deep into the ancient scripts of communication through vibration; by channeling the sacred messages of the divine feminine in her movement and expression. Entrancing the audience members to experience the present moment and facilitate immersion towards the heart for the divine download of information we have all been calling for. By infusing fire, feathers, swords, silk, and occasionally live snakes she dances endless archetypes awake in our minds, hearts, and collective consciousness.


Noëlle Nejr – AZ

♥ Born into a restless vessel.♥ Through honoring her relationship with her own story, curiosity, breath, and gravity; she has developed an intuitive approach to dance, conscious cuisine, and media productions. Influenced by perception; listening, observing, and feeling, emotions synthesizes into physical expression.

Serene Isabelo – AZ

From the depths of the flowing waters, Serene Isabelo finds fluidity, grace, and trust in her movement. Her purpose is to bring light and powerful transformation to the world by using her creative expression alongside her healing gifts. She aims to inspire play, love, and self discovery in others to live a life full of abundance, miricals, and trust in the magic of universal flow.