Serenity Gathering 2018

4/27-4/29 • Coast Family Media


• Friday- 3:00-4:50pm Womb Wisdom Workshop. Jenna Gully lead a Yoga Nidra. Hummingbird taught Belly Dance Basics. Maa’Kensie, Nikki Nerida, & Ixchel lead a discussion about natural contraceptives and blood ritual practices.

• Saturday- 3:30-5:00pm Element and Metal Alchemy Prayerformance with Living Light. Ashes (Mercury), Hummingbird (Sulfur), Nikki Nerida (Salt), Donya Love (Silver), IxChel (Copper), Serene Isabelo (Gold).

• Saturday- 12midnight Spectrum Show based on Ancient Greek Mythology. The Fates~ Donya Love (Clotho), IxChel (Lachesis), Nikki Nerida (Atropos). Pleiades~ Maa’Kensie, Julie Blackfeather, Hummingbird, Nikki Nerida.

• Saturday- 12:30-2:00am Performances with OTT. Maa’Kensie BobCat Archetype Solo. Hummingbird, Julie Blackfeather, Nikki Nerida Sword Trio. Nikki Nerida & Maa’Kensie Serpent collab.

• Sunday- 5:00-7:30pm Elemental Invocation Prayerformance with Everyman for the Pumpkin Tribute. Ashes (Air), YogaFreq (Fire), Jenna Gully (Water), Serene Isabelo (Earth).

• Sunday- 12midnight Ritual Prayerformance with the High Priestess of Bali, Ida Resi Alit. IxChel, Nikki Nerida, Maa’Kensie, & Donya Love.

Featuring SistArs: Donya Love, Hummingbird, Julie Blackfeather, IxChel, Serene Isabelo, Nikki Nerida, Maa’Kensie, YogaFreq, Ashes, & Jenna Gully.

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