Lucidity Festival 2018



• Friday- 11:11am Smudging at Opening Ceremony-Main Stage (Air Healing Offering).

• Friday- 5:30pm Nikki Nerida will be performing alongside A Hundred Drums, Queen Kaiya & Amrita Rose in a Prayerformance tribute to Oshun-Main Stage.

• Friday- 8:00pm Lantern Lit Wisdom&Sacred Fire Releasing Ceremony-Fire Realm (Fire Healing Offering).

• Saturday- 11:00am Mckensie HoneyBee collab with Noetik the Alchemist-Main Stage.

• Saturday- 1:11pm Water Cleansing&Oil Anointing Ceremony-Water Realm (Water Healing Offering).

• Saturday- 2:22pm Divination Readings-Earth Realm (Earth Healing Offering).

• Saturday- 5:30pm Our very own 30min. Elemental Oracle Prayerformance Showcase-Flow Zone.

• Sunday- 11:11am Closing Ceremony-Main Stage (Ether Offering)

• Sunday- 5:30pm Prayerformance collaboration alongside Devin Kroes in honor of the six words of love-Main Stage.

• Sunday- 5:30pm Nikki Nerida and Chameleon Fire collab with Plantrae-Main Stage.

Featuring our sistArs: Nikki Nerida, Ixchel, Chameleon Fire, Andia Katz, Mckensie HoneyBee, & Donya Love.

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