Auric Medicine AZ Purple Tent


On Feburary 7th, 2018 in Mesa,Az, the sisters organized the first ever Purple Tent! Landing a week before Valentines day we thought “What an amazing way to celebrate and encourage self love and healing!” So in collaboration with the Soul Center in AZ we brought our gifts and co-facilitated a safe and healing event for our community. Traditionally Red Tent spaces are for WomBen, to honor the rites of our blood, of birth, of menopause and of the priestess path, maiden, mother, crone.

We see the necessity of honoring men and women alike, to allow men into a sacred healing space with women is the second step to walking as equals. The first is for the men and women to do the soul work necessary to get to a space of humility and honor. We are here to truly heal the seperation and forgive each other for acting out of unconsciousness. We are here to heal, thrive and to unify as protectors and healers of our planet. We are ALL the humanitarians this earth so desperately needs.

We offered, Yoga, Hypnotherapy and Ecstatic Dance, a Forgiveness Ceremony, a Self Love Reiki Session, an immersive Sound Healing as well as a community potluck and a delicious Tea Ceremony hosted by our divine brothers Angel Fernandez, and Jose Perez. The healing we all shared was joyous, potent, uplifting, enriching, and was nourishing to all souls there. We are deeply humbled and eager to continue the work with all of our family, so we can heal deeper and show up authentically to the world around us.

We wish to bring our Red Lotus Temple and our Purple Tent to more festivals and gatherings so womben and men can have a sanctuary to retreat to for deep, nourishing, support and unconditional love. Thank you for walking this path with us!

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Infinite Love & Gratitude ,

Auric Medicine

The event was held at the Soul Center at 420 Mahoney 420 W Mahoney Ave, Mesa, Arizona 85210. contact them if you’d like to book the venue!

Photos by, Killian Mckeown

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