Gem and Jam Festival 2017

 1/251/28 • Gem and Jam Festival

Hosted by:
Euphonic Conceptions & Cirque Roots

Featuring: Ashes, Amanda Hummingbird, Faviola Alethia, Serene Isabelo, Nikki Nerida, Lynnsey Stardust, Ixchel, Donya Love, & Natalie Hewitt.

Prayerformance Schedule & Intentions:

1/26 E Alo ~ Quartz Stage 11AM ~ Bird Totems

1/27 • charlesthefirst ~ Onyx Stage 3:30AM ~ Seven Deadly Sins

1/27 • Safi’s Lab ~ Quartz Stage 10:30PM ~ FlappRawrs

1/28 • Random Rab ~ Emerald Stage 4:45PM ~ The Pāramitās

FB Event Page

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