Self-Love Rituals

A womans's hands crossed over her chest. Photo based illustration.
Aloha to all of our beautiful SiStars,

Wishing you so much love and happiness on this Waning Moon in Aries! A perfect time to slow down and take a break so that we can go within to truly find what it is that we need at this time, in order to fully nourish ourselves. The perfect opportunity to release and to let go of what no longer serves us so that we may create space within for the things that will help us flourish and blossom into the highest and most fulfilling versions of ourselves. As we transition away from the full moon, waning towards the new moon, the light begins to dwindle, while our shadows are being illuminated and brought to our awareness. These energies can be of a certain intensity, possibly leaving you feeling weighed down and dragging or possibly you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, feeling as if you are floating on a cloud. Either way you feel is leading towards transformation and either way is beautiful and perfect. On this journey towards the darkness, what is brought to light is what we need most at this transitional time: some sacred self-love ❤ The radiant goddess in each of us craves this nourishment and it is so important that we give this to ourselves and fully love and support ourselves through this process. And so it is, we invite you to devote this next moon cycle to pure bliss and self-love rituals. We created this space so that we can share some of our favorite self-love ceremonies with our community, and also as a reminder of how important self-love practices are for your sacred self.

Some of our favorite self-love rituals:

Dancing under the moonlight (or anywhere really)
Flow arts and fire spinning

Meditation, whether it be guided or a personal journey

Reading a good book



Yoga and personal stretch time

Self-massage with oils and lotions

An energy healing session, acupuncture or any healing modality

Taking a spa day: whether that be getting a manicure, pedicure, or a facial mask

Epsom salt or bubble baths infused with flowers, gems, essential oils and relaxing music

Expressing gratitude for our vessels

Honoring what feels right for ourselves and having the ability to say no to external pressures

Expressing and communicating what is in our hearts when feeling heavy so that we can release and let go

Nourishing ourselves with delicious meals and healthy foods

Creating or cleaning our sacred space

Sunbathing outside

Connecting with nature

Watching videos or reading books on self help

Positive affirmations and positive self-talk

Singing love songs to ourselves
These are just a few of our favorite things! We invite you to join our Sisterhood in devotion to loving, embracing and fully supporting ourselves on this journey of self-love. What are your self-love practices? What rituals do you make time for? We invite you to share your own personal self-love rituals and wisdoms so that we can all share this journey together, in Sacred, Supported Sisterhood.

Infinite Love and Gratitude, 

 Auric Medicine

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