Oregon Eclipse 2017

8/17-8/23 • Oregon Eclipse

Hosted by:
Symbiosis Gathering (California)
Envision Festival (Costa Rica)

Bass Coast Festival (Canada)

Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia)

SONIC BLOOM (Colorado)

Festival Ometeotl (Mexico)

Noisily Festival (U.K.)

Universo Paralello Festival (Brazil)

Hadra Trance Festival (France)

Origin Festival (South Africa)

Re:birth Festival (Japan)

Featuring: Mckensie HoneyBee, Ashes, Hummingbird Rising, Ember Rune, Serene Isabelo, Faviola Alethia, Sam Spinderella, Andie Katz, & Nikki Nerida.

Prayerformance Schedule & Intentions:

8/17 • Soulular ~ Earth Stage 8:15PM ~  Nine Muses.

8/18 • Drumspyder ~ Silk Road Stage 2:45PM ~ Inner Landscapes of the (Hero)ine’s Journey

8/19 • Devin Kroes ~ Earth Stage 9AM ~ Phases of the Moon

8/22 • Govinda ~ Earth Stage 1AM ~ Return of the White Raven

8/22 • Living Light ~ Earth Stage 4:30AM ~ Dance of the Eclipses

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