Auric Medicine

Infinite Love and Gratitude

The Auric Medicine Sisterhood

Wishing you Infinite Love and Gratitude!


A Sisterhood in service to healing the auric field through Archetypal Prayerformance Art and Sacred Space offerings.


Dear Strong Woman,
You are not intimidating.
They are intimidated.
There is a difference.


"There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go...." - Navajo-Hopi Prophecy

Song: Cloud by E Alo
Element: Air

Featuring Auric Medicine Sisters:
Amanda Carson - Hummingbird. // Ashes - Peacock. // Chameleon Fire - Cardinal. // Donya Love - Barn Owl. // Ember Rune - Raven. // Faviola Alethia - Phoenix. // IxChel - Vulture. // Lynnsey Stardust - Swan. // Nikki G - Macaw. // Nikki Nerida - Eagle. // Serene Isabelo - Dove. // YogaFreq - Sparrow.
Also Featuring: Sam Spinderella - Parrot.